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110 Degrees

It's been very hot the past few days. After Zion, we drove to several locations, staying only one night in each: Vegas, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and finally LA. Everywhere has been hot! My poor fan was dying in Joshua Tree and I barely got through the hot night. When I say hot, I mean 105 dry heat. Vegas was bleh and Palm Springs was fab!  In Joshua Tree I had a styled photoshoot! So not much to say about JT, except I took lots of photos and not much hiking. Due to recent publicity of JT, it feels like the Hollywood National Park. Lots of Range Rovers and pretty people; less rugged and less hippy campy feeling. 

If someone asked me whether they should go to JT, I'd say spend one night there and then head to Palm Springs for 2 nights. Reasons I love Palm Springs:

  1. Colorful doors
  2. 1960s Architecture
  3. Actually geniune nice people
  4. Elvis Presley lived there
  5. Downtown Barbers gives a sick haircut

After Palm Springs, we went to LA, this meant driving through lots of smog! It's actually the worst. You don't really realize it when you are standing in the city but when you are driving in, it is very obvious. In LA, we went to Hillsong Church (listen below), lunch in Hollywood and off to Venice Beach. In Venice I had a short shoot with Erin Legan, an Austin friend who has been living in LA and could give me the low down on all things LA haha! We also shot an Esperos bag which was fun styling on the beach full of actually WEIRD people (not so-called Austin weird).  

Today, we head to Yosemite but will be taking our time stopping off in Malibu and then car camping somewhere along the way to the National Park. Cross your fingers I see Miley Cyrus in Malibu!

iphone pictures are strong on this one...

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